Eventex Awards

Events have the power to raise awareness on issues, educate people and support worthy causes. Eventex Awards International is inspired by the creativity in planning and execution, talent and efforts that each and every team shows in bringing their event to life and creating an experience for their audience.


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About Eventex Awards

The mission of the Awards is to recognize and honor the professional achievement of teams and venues in their efforts to lead the events industry forward. Eventex Awards International is a platform for showcasing contribution to the industry, excellence in working practices and innovative thinking.

The Awards will be held exclusively online and teams from all over the world are welcome to participate. You can participate at the competition by submitting information about your entry under the most relevant category.

Entry submission is now closed.

Voting of the jury and the public will be open until Saturday, 15 March 2014. 

Winners will be announced on the 18th of March 2014.



Each entry will be assessed by 6 to 8 jury members. Before voting, each jury member will declare affiliation with the entries and will not be allowed to vote for any affiliated entries and their categories. 

The honest and transparent judging process is of our utmost priority.

The jury members will evaluate each entry with scores from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 - the highest. The jury may add comments with regards to the scores they have awarded the entry. All votes and comments will be publicly visible after the winners are announced.

The evaluation is conducted online on the Eventex Awards website. Please note that in the People’s Choice category, the jury will not be voting. For the latter category, the evaluation is done by the wider public.

In each category, the entry with the highest overall score will be awarded first place. The entry with the second highest score, will be awarded second place and correspondingly, the entry with the third highest score - third place.

Evaluation System

When evaluating all "Event of the Year" categories, the final score is formed by the Planning strategy and objectives (35%), Execution (30%), Results, Social or Industry contribution (25%) and Overall presentation of the entry (10%).

When evaluating the "Event Organizer of the Year" category, the final score is formed by Events produced over the year (45%), Planing, Objectives and Execution (45%) and Overall presentation of the entry (10%).

When evaluating the "Venue of the Year" category, the final score is formed by the Sales and Marketing strategy (30%), Significant events held at the venue (30%), Resources (e.g. equipment, capacity, staff) (30%) and Overall presentation of the entry (10%).

When evaluating the "Event Technology of the Year" category, the final score is formed by the Key features and Objectives (30%), Marketing and Sales strategy (30%), Key clients or target for start-ups (30%) and Overall presentation of the entry (10%).



The winners in each category will gain prestige and recognition in the industry. Entries awarded with first prize will receive a statuette, a certificate and an electronic badge marking their success which can be displayed on their website. Winners of second and third places will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement in the Awards and an electronic badge they can display online.