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Strategic Partners


The global meetings and events expo

EIBTM is the leading global event for the meetings and events industry, taking place in the award winning business and tourism destination of Barcelona. The event gathers over 15,000 industry professionals for three days of focused access to a dynamic business environment, thought provoking professional education and business networks.

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Event Forum Europe+Asia

22-24 January 2014 | St.Petersburg, Russia

For the third year, the Europe + Asia Event Forum emerged as a convenient communications site for the events industry professionals from St. Petersburg, Russian regions and foreign countries, that provides an opportunity to establish international relations, share experience and innovations, attract investment and expand business networking in the Russian and global event industry market.

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Eventyard helps you discover events, venues and artists you love.

Eventyard is like foursquare for the free-minded promoters and their events. Everyone can now find exciting things happening nearby and can add events there for free.

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Brand your event, Event your brand

Sponsia.com is а global online platform connecting organizers of events, causes and activities with businesses interested in efficient advertising through sponsorship. 

Sponsia gives professional and non-professional event organizers the opportunity to find interested sponsors, manage relations and raise funds. 

Sponsors, on the other hand, benefit from a wide choice of tools that could help them establish fruitful connection with their target customers. 

Find out more at www.sponsia.com!

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The world’s first online marketplace for business meetings and events

eunèv is the world’s first online marketplace and social network for meetings and business events. eunèv offers free membership with cloud-based social and commercial tools, making it easier to discover and engage venues and suppliers, promote business event services and build professional reputation – all in one place. Launched in Australasia in 2013, eunèv global headquarters is located in Malta with operations expanding into Continental Europe and North America in 2014. For more information please visit www.eunev.com

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Media partners


The first online TV channel for eventplanners

eventplanner.tv is the first online TV channel for eventplanners. It is unique throughout the world and broadcasts programmes about the rapidly evolving events industry directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone. These are not traditional event reports. Our broadcasts include cutting-edge interviews with leading events opinion-makers, fascinating documentary pieces and detailed analyses of the most recent eventstrends.

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Event Industry News

Event Industry News (EIN) is an online event magazine that provides the latest news to the events industry.

EIN is read by organisers, promoters, event management and production companies, suppliers, experiential agencies, the corporate sector, local government and organisations that host exhibitions and conferences.

These events can be anything from a regional conference or major outdoor festival to a local authority event or awards ceremony.

What makes Event Industry News different to other publications?

EIN delivers news as it happens to over 35,000 unique readers viewing 450,000 pages per month. News is also delivered to 11,800 opt-in subscribers to our daily e-newsletter and stories are posted individually to our 21,000 + Twitter followers.

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The Meeting Pool

A Deep Dive into Event Technology

The Meeting Pool is an events industry 'decision engine' and online resource for event professionals who are evaluating, discussing, purchasing and endorsing technology solutions. The portal destination site features direct vendor communication and cutting-edge content from contributors across the events and technology worlds, as well as tips, best practices, opinion editorials, comparisons and ratings from a community of professionals including event planners, marketers, bloggers, meeting managers, PCOs, associations, IT and technical personnel, and more.

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The Social Cities

The new voice of marketing

http://thesocialcities.com/ offers targeted social media marketing for local businesses. Covering over 120 cities, the Social Cities is specializing in promoting events, products, services and creating brand recognition. 

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